Terms & Conditions for sellers

1. The parties agree that the margins for the product, shall be mutually reviewed in every 6 months during the tenure of this MOU.
2. The 'product warranty' for the Suppliers products, where ever applicable, shall end from the date of purchase of the product, by the end customer.
3. The supplier/distributor hereby represents and warrants to Sidhi that the use and display of the product by Sidhi on its Website in terms of this Agreement shall not violate any intellectual property right or any other rights of any third party. The products and the services shall be genuine, defect free and not counterfeits. The Suppler hereby acknowledge that the Supplier directly and indirectly has the right to conduct sale of the products throught third party in India. The Supplier shall provide Sidhi with copies of supporting documents/ information for the same for recordal purposed. If Sidhi receives any notice, claim or demand asking for taking-down, ceasing or suspending the sale of the products on grounds of any such violation, or becomes aware of a potential violation,Sidhi shall have the right to immediately comply with such demands. 
4. The terms might differ if the seller wants to be a part of any offline event hosted by us, for e.g. exhibitions, Carnivals, Expo. Since the terms might vary basis the event, hence they will be discussed with the seller at the moment.
5. Supplier shall keep all sensitive and confidential information related to the trade and business, as well as the provisions of this MOU, as strictly confidential, and shall not disclose the same to any person without prior written consent from Sidhi.
6. If the products being offered by Supplier is a third party owned brand (registered or registering), the Supplier shall obtain an ‘NOC’ from the Brand owner, wherein the Supplier is granted the right for selling and distributing the products through the website www.sidhi.co. The format of the third party NOC is annexed as Annexure 1.
7. Supplier agrees that Sidhi at is sole discretion, can add new warehouse locations or change its existing warehouse locations based on its business requirements. Sidhi shall be communicating such changes to the supplier from time to time.
8. The Supplier shall fully indemnify Sidhi for any liability and costs arising out any defective goods (including product liability and costs arising from any customer complaints).
9. All products should be with packaging 'labels', 'instructions', 'warranties' and 'product inserts' required by Sidhi and as per Statutory law.
10. Supplier shall accept all returns i.e. customer returns or quality rejections. 
11. Supplier holds valid license, permission and rights to sell, distribute bearing title (Brand) if any. The products shall bear trademarks, copyrights, intellectual rights in the name of Supplier or the registered trademark owner (who has granted the Supplier with distribution rights of the product in the territory of India); and that the same does not infringe rights of any other persons or any other laws.