Terms & Conditions

This document is an electronic record as per Information Technology Act, 2000 and rules there under as applicable and the amended provisions pertaining to electronic records in various statutes as amended by the Information Technology Act, 2000. This electronic record is produced by a PC framework and does not require any physical or advanced marks.
This record is distributed as per the arrangements of Rule 3 (1) of the Information Technology (Intermediaries rules) Rules, 2011 that require distributing the guidelines and controls, security strategy and client understanding for access or utilization of www.Sidhi.co site.
This User Agreement contains standards and policies, arrangements, terms and conditions and agreement pertinent to any individual who may get to or utilize Sidhi, including any sub domains, website pages or augmentation of Sidhi.co; you thus concur and recognize to be bound by the terms of this User Agreement.
The utilization of Sidhi and the administrations gave are liable to the guidelines and controls, arrangements, notices, terms and conditions put forward in this User Agreement. For the motivations behind this User Agreement, "Client" and wherever the setting may require "You" (or any variety thereof), should mean any normal or lawful individual who has consented to wind up noticeably a client of Sidhi by getting to or perusing the Website as well as has enlisted as an individual from Sidhi by submitting distinguishing proof data/enrolment points of interest utilizing the PC arrangement of Sidhi and accepting the electronic record of the User Agreement, has acquired a remarkable username along and a mystery alpha-numerical key (secret password) for utilizing the Website.

Revision: Sidhi (Henceforth alluded to as "Organization") maintains whatever authority is needed to change this Website as well as modify the terms and states of this User Agreement whenever and holds the privilege to deny access to any individual who the Company accepts has abused the arrangements of this User Agreement. You are advised that any correction to the User Agreement or standards and approaches joined in this by reference might be informed on the Website on freely available links and you agree by accessing, browsing or using this website that this constitutes sufficient notice for all purposes against you. The updated adaptation/terms should be changed from the time that the Company posts the same on the Website. [In the occasion, that the User Agreement incorporates a considerable change, the Company will give 30 days' earlier notice of such generous change by posting the same on the Website and furthermore at the email address given by the User to the Company. For the reasons for this User Agreement, 'generous change' implies a change to the terms of this User Agreement that lessens your rights or expands your responsibilities.
Payment on Billing means a Transaction where the instalment for the things bought is paid through the (i) Sidhi approved Payment Gateway Facility or (ii) the purchaser (if allowed by the important dealer) has picked to store the Transaction Price in the bank account of the Company by method for money, check, request draft or some other method of instalment and such payment of the Transaction Price is credited to the ledger of the Company inside 3 days of booking the Transaction.
Payment on Delivery should mean a Transaction where the payment for the things is gathered from the purchaser by the Logistics Partner at the season of delivering the merchandise. For this situation, the Buyer should just make payment in real money and no other method of instalment will be acknowledged. However, this facility is accessible just in limited urban communities in India and the Company in its sole caution and without notice, claims all authority to include or pull back the urban communities in which such alternative might be accessible. This facility might not be accessible for conveyance of things outside India.
Delivery/Delivered implies physical conveyance of the things to the purchaser (for which a Transaction Price has been paid by the purchaser by Payment on Billing or the purchaser has selected Payment on Delivery, or such other method of payment endorsed by the Company) by the vender through a courier service or by the Logistics Partner at the address imparted by the purchaser on Sidhi.
In Transit/Dispatched all imply that the things (for which a Transaction Price has been paid by the purchaser by Payment on Billing or the purchaser has picked Payment on Delivery, or any such other method of payment endorsed by the Company) have been dispatched by the merchant through a courier service or by the Logistics Partner at the address conveyed by the purchaser on Sidhi.
Dispatch Details implies the genuine, exact and substantial information, data, points of interest or documents as determined by the Company now and again, which the dealer/Logistics Partner is committed to give to the Company as evidence that the thing has been Dispatched or potentially Delivered, as the case perhaps.
Data means and should incorporate any private and additional information by identifiable sources or other data given to the Company or different Users of Sidhi at the season of enlistment, purchasing or posting process or through any email highlight and might incorporate without limiting your name, email address, charging/shipping address, telephone number and keeping money/monetary data.
Issuing Bank in regard of a purchaser means any bank that has issued a Valid Card (credit/charge/money card) to the purchaser or the branch of a bank which keeps up a legitimate Bank Account for the sake of purchaser; with which the purchaser makes payment of the Transaction Price. [Currently, Sidhi approved Payment Gateway Facility bolsters online bank exchanges from the banks that are accessible while choosing prepay as the instalment technique. The Company may include or expel or suspend any at least one banks specifically or through any payment gateway facilitators, and such change might happen upon the same being posted on Sidhi.]
Logistics Partner should mean respectable courier and logistics company(s) named by the Company that will give a range of services of collecting and delivering of items bought, accumulation of the Transaction Price from the purchaser if there should arise an occurrence of Payment on Delivery Transactions or such different administrations that the Company may require.
Transaction implies each electronically created valid purchase order put by the Buyer for obtaining the things listed by the Seller on Sidhi.
Transaction Price implies the cost to be paid for the things to be bought by the purchaser at each Transaction and which cost might include, if appropriate, the shipping charges, protection charges and all different duties, taxes, costs, charges and costs in regard thereof as charged by the dealer.
Valid Card implies any substantial Visa/substantial platinum card/legal money card or some other card of at all nature issued by Visa or MasterCard and additionally by any Issuing Bank or any organization assigned to issue such cards and legally possessed by the User of the card at the season of the Transaction and in addition at the season of Refund, assuming any.
Valid Bank Account might mean a legitimate and operational financial account for the sake of the User of which the User is the legal and lawful proprietor being able to issue checks/request drafts and make deposits, which in regard of the purchaser should be alluded to as the Buyer Bank Account and in regard of the Seller be alluded to as the Seller Bank Account. [Both the Buyer Bank Account and Seller Bank Account are required to be with a branch of a nationalized bank according to relevant Indian laws or different banks which are enlisted with or affirmed by Reserve Bank of India and as per applicable Indian laws or other banks which are registered with or approved by Reserve Bank of India and such branch and/or account of the Buyer and Seller supports Reserve Bank of India’s electronic / online banking system including, without limitation, National Electronic Funds Transfer (NEFT) and/or Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS)].
Sidhi approved Payment Gateway implies the computerized electronic payment or accumulation and settlement office given by the Company to Buyers and Sellers to encourage buy and offer of things and also making payments on Sidhi straightforwardly through banks or any financial institution indirectly through payment gateway facility or through any such office approved by the Reserve Bank of India to give empowering bolster office to gathering and settlement of instalment. [Currently, Sidhi approved Payment Gateway Facility underpins online bank exchanges from the banks that are accessible while choosing the Prepay mode as the instalment strategy. The Company may include or evacuate or suspend any at least one banks specifically or through any payment gateway facilitators, and such change should become effective upon the same being posted on Sidhi.]
Sidhi or any administration given by Sidhi may just be utilized by such people who can frame lawfully binding contracts under Indian Contract Act, 1872. People who are 'incompetant to contract' within the importance of the Indian Contract Act, 1872 including minors, people of unsound personality, and undercharged insolvents are not qualified to utilize Sidhi. A minor is not permitted to get to or enrol as a User or offer or buy any things on Sidhi.
On the off chance that you register or are enlisting as a business unit, by accepting the User Agreement you represent that such element has adequate authority under applicable law enter into the User Agreement and you are also approved by the business element to acknowledge this User Agreement and you have the specialist to tie that business entity to this User Agreement.
By enlisting on Sidhi, you consent to enable us to get in touch with you through any method of correspondence (Email/Chat/Telephone call) for any affirmation or service related data for the request set by you, on the contact points of interest given by you. Any sort of legitimate implification rose, because of the off base nature of the subtle elements given by you, Sidhi won't be considered in charge of the same.
You concur that your sole reason for enlisting or utilizing Sidhi is to purchase or offer one of a kind Indian handiwork items including green-created and ethnic items or such items as might be particularly told by the Company on the Website every once in a while (that are allowed to be purchased and sold under relevant law) and you should not utilize Sidhi for some other reason including for offering or purchasing items other than as specified above or items that are not permitted under applicable law to be sold or purchased by you in any way.
You consent to give genuine, precise and finish data while enlisting or for whatever other reason when incited to do as such on Sidhi. You are restricted from distorting your identity and concur not to speak to yourself as another User or login/enrol utilizing the personality of whatever other individual. You are dependable to keep update and quickly refresh the data gave while enlisting or to some other reason on Sidhi to guarantee that the data given by you is valid, exact, present and complete at all circumstances. On the off chance that you give any data that is false, mistaken, not present or deficient or the Company has sensible grounds to deduce that such data is false, erroneous, not present or fragmented, or not as per this User Agreement, the Company maintains whatever authority is needed to inconclusively suspend or end or piece your utilization or access to Sidhi in any way at all.
Seller Registration: To be eligible to sell on Sidhi, the User is required to separately register with Sidhi authorised Payment Gateway facility on its page on Sidhi. The seller shall provide complete details of the Seller Bank Account as a part of the Sidhi authorised Payment Gateway Seller Registration or at a later date in lieu of or in addition to the original Seller’s Bank Account.
Electronic Communication: You consent to keep yourself refreshed with all information, data and correspondence relating to you made accessible on Sidhi. You additionally concur that your utilization of Sidhi or arrangement of any information or data including any correspondence (by email or something else) to or by the Company is through electronic records and you agree to get correspondence from the Company by means of electronic records which will be regarded sufficient service of notice/electronic record.
You comprehend and concur that the Company only give hosting administrations to its Users who get to Sidhi for buy and offer one of a kind Indian items (that are allowed to be purchased and sold under material law). All things promoted as well as recorded on Sidhi and the content that are publicized and recorded by Users and are outsider buyers and additionally dealers by and large. You likewise offer authorization to the Website and the Company to store points of interest and records of your utilization of Sidhi uncertainly. In any case, this does not constitute any commitment with respect to the Company or the Website to do as such.
At present the participation on Sidhi is free and the Company does not collect any charges/expenses for perusing or purchasing on Sidhi. In any case, for the motivations behind posting anything on Sidhi to be sold or profiting different administrations given by the Company through Sidhi, for example, packaging, warehousing, logistics and so on, the Seller will be charged expenses as given in the Seller’s Policy fused in the website by reference. The Company maintains whatever authority is needed to present new administrations or change the current administrations given on Sidhi. Moreover, the Company at its sole discretion may present expenses for the new administrations gave or revise/present charges for the current administrations, all things considered. Changes to the User Agreement or any of the standards and approaches of the Company should be posted on Sidhi and such changes might consequently wind up noticeably taking effect immediately after they are posted on Sidhi.
All expenses/charges might be cited in Indian Rupees and should be payable to Sidhi inside such time as indicated in the receipt. You are in charge of paying all charges/expenses related with the utilization of Sidhi and might be at risk to pay any material duties, charges, cesses and so forth which might be required. If there should be an occurrence of any non-payment, the Company claims all authority to issue a notice or briefly/uncertainly suspend or end your participation with Sidhi and deny access to Sidhi. The Company likewise maintains whatever authority is needed to make any legitimate move against you if there should be an occurrence of any non-instalment of charges/expenses to the Company.
In the event that you buy anything on Sidhi, you consent to likewise conform to the terms and conditions set out in the Policy for Buyers fused in this by reference.
In the event that you propose to offer anything on Sidhi, you consent to likewise conform to the terms and conditions set out in the Policy for Sellers fused in this by reference.
The Company offers posting, packaging, logistics, warehousing, outline and other value added services (Sidhi Logistics) to the dealers who select to benefit any of the Sidhi Logistics administrations consent to conform to the terms and conditions set out in Policy for Sidhi Logistics incorporated in this by reference. The merchants will be charged for such administrations profited from Sidhi Logistics as per the logistics Charges Policy.
You concur that the Company may choose any outsider specialist co-op, including however not confined to at least one of the Company's subsidiary to give backend operations and support as educated by the Company every now and then including yet not constrained to accumulation, handling and settlement of the Transaction Price utilizing the current approved banking infrastructure to give facility for gathering and settlement of payments including yet not restricted to the Logistics Partner.
The Company neither begins nor transmits any correspondence/data for the benefit of any User nor does it adjust the substance of any correspondence transmitted. The Company has no influence over outsiders and substance created by the Users on Sidhi.
Any data given by you to the Company or submitted to Sidhi or give or show to different Users of Sidhi in the enrolment, purchasing or posting process, in the feedback zone or through any email correspondence is exclusively your duty and the Company just is a stage where such data is appropriated, distributed, shown or utilized by Users. The Company or the Website is not at risk for precision, legality or appropriateness of such data.
Every authoritative term of the way and terms and states of conveyance, instalment, protection and so forth between the purchaser and the dealer should be autonomously concurred with alternate clients of Sidhi that you may execute with.
You will regard Sidhi as a negligible uninvolved course which is utilized as a stage by Users to make postings or give data to the motivation behind offering their things so that such data can be found and perused by different Users of Sidhi who may wish to buy such things from different Users or give input on things they have bought or dealers who have sold anything to them.
You concur and attempt not to host, show, transfer, alter, distribute, transmit, refresh or share any data or rundown any data or thing that:
  • Has a place with someone else and to which you don't have any privilege to;
  • Is horribly unsafe, annoying, profane, defamatory, foul, obscene, paedophilic, hostile, obtrusive of another's protection, derisive, or racially, ethnically offensive, demonizing, relating or empowering tax evasion or betting, or generally unlawful in any way whatever; or unlawfully debilitating or unlawfully irritating including yet not constrained to "disgusting portrayal of ladies" inside the importance of the Indecent Representation of Women (Prohibition) Act, 1986;
  • Hurt minors in any capacity;
  • Encroaches any patent, trademark, copyright or other restrictive rights or outsider's competitive advantages or privileges of attention or protection or should not be false or include the offer of fake or stolen things;
  • Disregards any law until further notice in compel;
  • Betrays or misdirects the recipient/clients about the source of such messages or conveys any data which is horribly hostile or threatening in nature;
  • Imitate someone else or utilize a mysterious intermediary;
  • Contains programming infections or whatever other PC code, records or projects intended to intrude on, demolish or point of confinement the usefulness of any PC asset; or contains any Trojan steeds, worms, time bombs, cancelbots, Easter eggs or other PC programming schedules that may harm, adversely meddle with, reduce estimation of, surreptitiously capture or seize any framework, information or individual data;
  • Debilitates the solidarity, uprightness, safeguard, security or power of India, inviting relations with remote states, or open request or makes actuation the commission of any cognizable offense or avoids examination of any offense or is offending some other country;
  • Should not be false, wrong or deluding;
  • Might not, straightforwardly or in a roundabout way, offer, endeavour to offer, exchange or endeavour to exchange anything, the managing of which is denied or confined in any way under the arrangements of any relevant law, lead, control or rule for now in compel;
May offer ascent to obligation on some portion of the Website or the Company or create any prevention (in entire or to a limited extent) as for the administrations of ISPs or different providers of the Website or the Company; and
  • Connect straightforwardly or by implication to or incorporate depictions of things that are (i) denied under the User Agreement or whatever other relevant law for now in compel including however not restricted to the Drugs and Cosmetics Act, 1940, the Drugs and Magic Remedies (Objectionable Advertisements) Act, 1954, the Indian Penal Code, 1860, Information Technology Act 2000 as revised time to time and standards there under or (ii) are in the meantime recorded available to be purchased on a site other than Sidhi. You should not advance any site or page or connection on Sidhi.
If there should arise an occurrence of any infringement of the above arrangements, the Company has the privilege to instantly end the get to or utilization privileges of the client to Sidhi with no notice and any such disregarding data that is shown or submitted on Sidhi can be expelled promptly and totally.
You should be in charge of keeping reinforcement adaptations of the data and information given by you. You thusly concur that you won't anticipate that Sidhi will re-establish or keep move down of your data and information and not consider the Website or the Company responsible for any loss of information in any conditions.
You should not, either alone or in conjunction with different clients, control or endeavour to control the costs of anything being sold or acquired on Sidhi. You will likewise cease from getting to data or databases in an unapproved way from Sidhi or servers where data or databases are kept.
You might not endeavour to or bypass or control any of the commitments presented on you by this User Agreement. In the event that such endeavour is found, it will constitute adequate ground for end of access to Sidhi and furthermore to take fitting lawful activity.
If there should arise an occurrence of any exchange or endeavoured exchange relating to anything recorded on Sidhi which is damaging this User Agreement or appropriate laws goes as far as anyone is concerned, you might forthwith find a way to advise the Company of such infringement at customercare@Sidhi.co.
In the event that you give criticism on Sidhi which is unmistakable to different clients, you might practice due care while making remarks and not make any remarks that are not real in nature and should not post defamatory or unlawful or hostile/vulgar substance.
You attempt not to unveil or circulate some other User's Information to an outsider, or utilize the Information for any unapproved reason including for the motivations behind showcasing unless you have acquired the User's express agree to do as such.
You might not put any promotions on the Website in any way. Encourage, you might not utilize the Website to advance your own or whatever other people business or interests on the Website aside from giving portrayal on a leaning to a particular thing, unless allowed by the Company in composing.
You should not endeavour to 'twofold plunge' over the span of a question by accepting or endeavouring to get stores from the Company and additionally its specialist organizations or potentially the purchaser or dealer as the case perhaps.
Sidhi is just a stage where clients may meet and interface with each other for their exchanges. The Website or the Company is not and can't be a gathering to or control in any way any exchange between two clients of Sidhi.
All business/legally binding terms are offered by and consented to amongst purchasers and merchants alone according to key to primary bipartite authoritative commitments. The business/authoritative terms incorporate without restriction value, shipping costs, instalment techniques, instalment terms, date, period and method of conveyance, guarantees identified with things recorded available to be purchased. The Company does not have any control and neither does it decide or prompt or in any capacity includes itself in the offering or acknowledgment of such business/authoritative terms amongst purchasers and vendors. Advance, you comprehend that a posting may end if another User purchases the thing, or the User who made the posting closes the same or if the posting lapses after a stipulated timeframe.
The Company is neither required in the purchasing and offering of things on the Website nor subject or in charge of any non-execution or break of any agreement gone into between the Users (i.e. purchaser and dealer) including however not constrained to non-conveyance or non-receipt, non-instalment, harm, rupture of portrayals and guarantees given by the merchant or any extortion as respects the things recorded on Sidhi. The Users recognize that the Company won't be at risk for any harms, interests or claims and so forth coming about because of not handling or any deferral in preparing a Transaction/Transaction Price which is outside the ability to control of the Company. The Company might not and is not required to intervene or resolve any debate or contradiction between clients.
The Company does not make any portrayal or guarantee with regards to the properties, (for example, quality, worth, attractiveness, merchantability, helpfulness) of the things proposed to be sold or offered to be sold or acquired on Sidhi. Specifically, the Company does not certainly or expressly bolster or support the deal or buy of any things on the Website. The Company should not be at risk for any mistakes or oversights, regardless of whether for the benefit of itself or outsiders.
The Company does not make any portrayal or guarantee with regards to the qualities, (for example, legitimate title, reliability, personality and so forth.) of any of its clients. You are prompted utilize your best judgment and autonomously check the bona fides of a specific User that you manage on Sidhi.
Sidhi is just a setting through which Users can achieve a bigger base to purchase and offer one of a kind Indian item. The Company is just giving a stage in type of the Website for correspondence and a facilitating administration for data and it is concurred that the agreement available to be purchased of any of the things should be an entirely bipartite contract between the vender and the purchaser. At no time might any right, title or enthusiasm over the things vest with the Company nor should the Company have any commitments or liabilities in regard of such contract. The Company is not in charge of unsuitable or deferred execution of merchants or harms or postponements therefore of things being out of stock, put in a rain check for or generally inaccessible. All things offered by dealers are just for a confined time and just for the accessible supply as offered by vendors.
The Company and its providers, offshoots and specialist co-ops make accessible Sidhi and administrations including the Sidhi Logistics, Sidhi approved Payment Gateway office for electronic instalment on an "as seems to be" premise and with no guarantee or condition, express, suggested or statutory and particularly repudiate any inferred guarantees of title, merchantability, wellness for a specific reason and non-encroachment. The Company particularly repudiates any such guarantee. You explicitly concur that the utilization of Sidhi and Sidhi approved instalment passage electronic instalment office is at your own hazard.
You discharge and repay the Company or potentially any of its officers and delegates from any cost, harm, obligation or other outcome of any of the activities of the clients of Sidhi and particularly postpone any cases that you may have for this benefit under any appropriate law. The Company can't control the data given by different Users, which is made accessible on the Website despite the Company's sensible endeavors for that sake. You may observe other User's data to be hostile, hurtful, erroneous, or tricky. It would be ideal if you utilize alert and practice safe exchanging when utilizing the Website. If it's not too much trouble take note of that there might be dangers in managing remote nationals, underage people or individuals acting under falsification.
In no occasion should the Company or its providers, associates and specialist organizations be subject for any immediate, circuitous, accidental, extraordinary, important or commendable harms, including yet not constrained to, harms for loss of benefits, goodwill, utilize, information or other immaterial misfortunes emerging (in any way at all, including however not restricted to carelessness) out of or regarding Sidhi, Sidhi approved instalment entryway office, administrations given by the Logistics Partner or whatever other administrations or this User Agreement.
The Company risk in any situation is constrained to the measure of charges/expenses, assuming any, paid by you to the Company. The Company, its partners, members and specialist organizations and innovation accomplices make no portrayals or guarantees about the exactness, dependability, fulfilment, and additionally opportuneness of any substance, data, programming, content, illustrations, connections or correspondences given on or using Sidhi or that the operation of Sidhi or the Logistics Partner or Sidhi approved instalment passage office will be without mistake and additionally continuous. The Company gives no certification to its Users in regard of the items sold on the Website. Thusly, the Company accept no risk at all for any fiscal or other harm endured by you because of:
The postponement, disappointment, intrusion, or debasement of any information or other data transmitted regarding utilization of the Website or Sidhi approved instalment passage office.
Any deferral, disappointment, interference or mistakes in the operation of Sidhi or the Logistics Partner or Sidhi approved instalment passage office.
You should repay and hold innocuous the Company and the Company's parent, backups, associates, outsiders and their separate officers, executives, operators, and workers, from any case or request, or activities including sensible lawyers' charges, made by any outsider or punishment forced due to or emerging out of your rupture of the User Agreement including the guidelines and approaches consolidated thus by reference, or (ii) your infringement of any law, principles or controls or the privileges of an outsider.
Instalments for the things on Sidhi, at the choice of the important vender, can be made by method for (i) Payment on Billing which can be made through the Sidhi approved instalment door Facility or by storing money, check, request draft in the financial balance of the Company; or (ii) Payment on Delivery wherein instalment should be made just with money down, or such other strategy for instalment as might be allowed by the Company on Sidhi in its sole circumspection.
For the motivations behind purchasing or potentially offering anything recorded on Sidhi, you concur and attempt not to make instalments in any way other than as gave, without the earlier assent of the Company.
You recognize and acknowledge that you have particularly approved the Company to gather, handle, encourage and transmit instalments as well as the Transaction Price by any of the recommended techniques for instalment through Payment on Billing or Payment on Delivery to and from different Users in regard of Transactions.
Keeping in mind the end goal to empower Users to do exchanges on Sidhi, the Company will notwithstanding different techniques for instalment give an electronic instalment office i.e. Sidhi approved instalment door office by E-charging Solutions Private Limited on the Website. The Sidhi approved instalment portal office empowers computerized accumulation and settlement administrations utilizing the offices of different Indian banks, money related foundations, credit/charge/money card brands, different outsider specialist organizations or potentially instalment card industry guarantors and through such other framework and offices as might be approved by the Reserve Bank of India for gathering, discount and settlement, all things considered. The Sidhi approved instalment portal office should be benefited as per the terms of this User Agreement and the standards and arrangements endorsed hereunder.
The Company might attempt sensible endeavours to guarantee that solicitations for electronic charges and attributes including Issuing Bank are educated to the Nodal Bank (characterized underneath) in an opportune way. In any case, various variables that are outside of the Company's control (counting without restriction activities of Issuing Bank, Nodal Bank and the bank or credit/charge/money card as well as banks or monetary establishment framework or by implication through instalment entryway office suppliers or through any such office approved by the Reserve Bank of India to give empowering bolster office to accumulation and settlement of instalment where the Transaction Price is transmitted and additionally discounted) may defer the time inside which the Transaction Price are gathered/dispatched by the Company through the Sidhi approved instalment portal office. The Company neither makes any portrayals nor makes any guarantees in regards to the measure of time expected to finish preparing, incorporating delays in the saving money framework and nor might the Company be subject for any real or weighty harms emerging from any claim of postponement.
Any claim for discount of any installment made to the Company, for any reason at all, might be to the record of the Seller and the Company should not be in charge of the same including but rather not constrained to administration charges or whatever other expenses/charges.
You concur and acknowledge that the Company is neither going about as trustee nor acting in a guardian limit concerning the Transaction or the Transaction Price, by giving the Sidhi approved instalment door office or some other strategy for instalment to its Users.
By utilizing Sidhi as well as by giving your data, you agree to the gathering and utilization of such data revealed by you on Sidhi on Sidhi approved instalment passage office, by the Company. The individual data/information including yet not constrained to the Information given by the You to Sidhi/Sidhi approved instalment door office over the span of a Transaction should be dealt with as entirely private and held as per the Privacy Policy which is joined thus by reference and pertinent laws and directions including yet not restricted to Information Technology Act, 2000 and runs there under. The Company does not offer or lease or generally reveal your own data to outsiders for their promoting purposes without your unequivocal assent and the Company just uses your data in the way portrayed in the Privacy Policy. In the event that you don't consent to your Information being moved or utilized as a part of along these lines, kindly don't utilize Sidhi.
The Company sees the insurance of client's protection as a vital group standard. The Company plainly comprehends that you and the individual data given by you is a standout amongst the most imperative advantages for the Company. The Company stores and procedures the data given by you in PCs situated in India that are ensured by physical and additionally sensible mechanical safety efforts and strategies in consistence with the arrangements of the Information Technology Act, 2000 and rules made thereunder.

Without restricting different cures that the Company may seek after, the Company may at its sole attentiveness make such move as it regards fit including yet not constrained to cancelation of the Transaction or instalments made, restrain your action, instantly expel your data or postings, or end your posting, caution different Users of your activities, forthwith briefly/inconclusively suspend or end or square your participation, or potentially decline to furnish you with access to Sidhi or start any lawful activity it might esteem fit, especially in the occasion:
You break any of the arrangements of this User Agreement including any of the guidelines and approaches, reports, terms and conditions made there under which are joined in that by reference;
Any abuse of the Sidhi approved instalment entryway office
The Company can't confirm or verify any data given by you;
The Company trusts that your activities may make legitimate risk the Company, different Users or yourself. No moves, oversights or choices taken by the Company should postpone any rights or claims that the Company may have against the User.
No moves, exclusions or choices taken by the Company might postpone any rights or claims that the Company may have against the User.
Any User that may have been suspended or blocked may not enlist or endeavour to enrol with Sidhi or utilize Sidhi in any way at all until such time that such User is re-established by the Company. Despite the above, in the event that you rupture the User Agreement or the standards and strategies and different reports consolidated in that by reference, the Company claims all authority to recoup any sums due and owed by you to the Company and to make strict legitimate move including however not constrained to referral to the proper police or different specialists for starting criminal or different procedures against me.
In the event of any grievance, protest or objection on your part as for the Website, different Users, Sidhi approved instalment portal office or the Company, including any dissensions or enquiry about suspension, end or hindering of your participation or appropriate to utilize Sidhi, you ought to immediately raise such grievance or grumbling with the assigned Grievance Officer at customercare@Sidhi.co and give him all important data as well as archives to empower the Company/Grievance Officer to determine the issue.
The name and contact subtle elements of the Grievance Officer is distributed on Sidhi as required under the arrangements of the Information Technology Act, 2000 and the principles made there under.
None of the arrangements of this User Agreement should be regarded to constitute an association or office amongst you and the Company and you might have no expert to tie the Company in any way at all.
But as expressly expressed generally, any notification coordinated to the Company might be given by email to customercare@Sidhi.co and any notification to you by the Company should be given to the email address given by you amid the enrolment procedure. See should be considered given 24 hours after email is sent, unless the sending gathering is told that the email address is invalid. Then again, we may give you see by enlisted mail, postage paid ahead of time and return receipt asked for, to the deliver given to us amid the enrolment procedure. In such case, see should be considered given 3 days after the date of mailing.
On the off chance that any proviso of this User Agreement or the application thereof to any User or situation should be considered invalid, void or for any reason unenforceable to any degree, the rest of this User Agreement and the utilization of such unenforceable arrangement to Users or conditions other than those as to which it is held invalid or unenforceable might not be influenced accordingly, and each arrangement of this User Agreement should be substantial and enforceable without limitations degree allowed by law.
This User Agreement together with the guidelines and strategies joined thus by reference constitutes the whole understanding and assertion amongst You and the Company concerning the topic in this.
The Company at its sole tact might be qualified for relegate or exchange its rights and commitments under this User Agreement hereunder to some other individual without your earlier assent gave that the Company allots this User Agreement on similar terms or such terms that are no less ideal to you.
All cures of the Company under this User Agreement whether gave thus or given by statute, common law, customary law, custom or exchange use, are aggregate and not elective and might be upheld progressively or simultaneously.
On the off chance that any question emerges amongst you and the Company amid your utilization of Sidhi or the Sidhi approved instalment passage office or Sidhi Services or any administration accidental to the Website or from that point, regarding the legitimacy, elucidation, usage or charged break of any arrangement of the User Agreement or potentially Sidhi approved instalment door Agreement, or the guidelines, strategies and archives joined in that by reference, the debate should be alluded to a sole referee who might be an autonomous and unbiased outsider distinguished by the Company whose choice should be last. The place of discretion might be Mumbai. The Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996, might oversee the mediation procedures. The mediation procedures should be in the English dialect.